Wednesday 1 July 2015

The String Is The Thing.

The theme of this post seems to be strings, as both of the challenges I have entered today use the String as part of the challenge.

Tackle It Tuesday is back for it's second week with the letter B. This challenge uses the letter of the week as the string and at least one tangle pattern beginning with B. I really enjoy using the letter as the string, and this week I chose to use a lower case 'b' , which I drew using Brayd. The other tangles I used are Beadlines, Bunzo, Bales and Blooming Butter. I love that name - Blooming Butter - LOL I must look up how it got it's name!

I have also drawn a tile for It's a String Thing #99. As it is the challenge number Adele asked us to use String Number 99 from the Tangle Patterns website. We also have to use three tangle patterns beginning with T, Tripoli, Tearce and Tracery.

I loved drawing Tripoli in all it's forms. I really wanted to draw it leaving a negative space shaped like a 99, because of the challenge number and the string number, but it was not to be. I just couldn't get it to wrap around the space clearly. Once again I was trying to run before I could walk so I reverted to just drawing the standard Tripoli's, slowly and carefully, which went much better.

I also struggled with Tracery. I just could not get the curves to flow, they ended up all lopsided. I tried very hard and in the end I managed to sneak 4 very tiny ones in so the erratic staccato lines hardly show.

I thought Tearce a rather boring pattern so I used it in tangleastions to beef it up a bit. No doubt you will have managed to do something interesting with it and I look forward to seeing how you have used it when Adele posts our entries.


  1. Yorkshire, this is a wonderful tile w/the lower case B. Thanks for doing the challenge, I love seeing everyones art!

  2. Tortoise is a well loved little wild creature here in South Africa, so I'll use it to refer to you if you don't mind. Your b tangle is lovely. Love the use of brayd as the b-line.

    1. Thank you, it is nice to be a loved creature. Tortoise is fine, or sometimes people call me YT for short :-)

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  4. Both tiles are simply great. Clever use of Tearce.