Tuesday 21 July 2015

Two for the Price of One.

Kristinne, our woman in Romania, is off on her holidays next week - the Black Sea. It all sounds very exotic to me. I used to get very itchy in that last week before a holiday too, work seemed so much more of an effort than the rest of the time, except maybe the week after you get back.

It is lovely now that I am retired, especially as I moved to live beside the sea, and only have to walk down to the end of the street to go for a paddle. Of course there is a vast difference in temperature between the Black Sea and the Irish Sea lol.

Kristinne is asking for 3 - 5 tangle patterns beginning with E for this week's challenge. I used Eez, Ennies, Eye-Wa, Emingle and Ecoism. I really fell in love with Eez. Having recently discovered the rather fun repeat pattern stacks I first made a tile with stacked boxes which contained the tangles, however they felt very constrained and asked to be released so I made a second, more conventional tile, using the same tangles.

1 comment:

  1. Your tiles are absolutly amazing. Thank you for joining the challenge. It is always a delight for me to enter and read your blog. I must try Eez too.
    "Repeat pattern stacks"...I did not know what was about. But I did what you did...clicking from link to link and I have discovered lovely things.
    An I envy you so much for living next to the sea :). I saw some amazing photos of the Irish shore line. <3
    If you want to burn your soles on the hot sand at the Black Sea in the summer, please come visit :)