Sunday 26 July 2015

My week 8 - Cats

Let me introduce you to my cat, Jasmine. She is such a funny, timid, indoor cat. She hates going outside, it is far too dirty for her delicate pink paws. She has very good manners, she never jumps up to walk on the furniture. She spends her time between the windowsills and the sofa where she sits between us and sleeps.

She has a routine, eating her food in the kitchen when we have breakfast, after having a shower. Yes, you heard, she has a shower. She comes up and joins us in the bathroom at shower time, waits until we have finished, then gets in herself and looks at us as much to say "My turn now". She does this every morning:-

My entry for SuzyMosh's Tangle Me Three Challenge is a ZIA of my cat. Her body is the original Widget, her tail and ears are the second version and the square widgets on her head is the third.

My tiles this week for both of SuzyMosh's challenges just seemed to emerge without a lot of research which was very relaxing. Even when looking for a tangle that was New To Me beginning with L. They instantly appeared before me and were so easy to learn. I chose Arc Flower from J J LaBarbera's tangle patterns and from then on the garden theme just seemed to evolve. Lazy Eights, Lily Pads, and Lichen, all are new to me.


  1. Yorkshire, I love your kitty!! What a great story - sounds like a great cat!! Your Widgets are so creative - amazing!! Your New to Me L is lovely too (I haven't done mine yet). Wonderful!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. Nice kitty! She makes a fantastic model! Lovely coloring and natural feel on the second tile.

  3. Great job on these tiles! and such a pretty kitty! Thanks for being part of my challenges this week.

  4. What will we do without our pets? Great tile!

  5. cute cat. Our Velcro is similar. Once the shower is over, he hops in, mostly to lap up the drops near the drain. Velcro also like to get in the bathroom sink and just lounge there. You can tell what he's been up to, because he'll have wet spots here and there. Cats are so much fun!
    Cute tiles, too. Your widget challenge is superior! Good work