Wednesday 29 July 2015

Busy, busy, busy

II've had a busy 24 hours as we had guests staying. I had to tidy all my drawing gear away, which means it all had to be put out again today. I have managed to do tiles for three challenges, but taking photos and putting them online takes a little longer. I managed to sneak a little time whilst everyone was in bed.

I did this tile for Tackle It Tuesday. F made an easy if rather inelegant string. I used Frondus, Fracas, Finery, Florez, Flux and Tipple thrown in for good measure ;-)

Next came It's a String Thing #103. It seemed obvious which areas of the string to put Meer into, but I shall be interested to see what other takes everybody else has. I did two areas of Mr E, but the bit curled around the Meer curl turned out looking more like the Worm tangle pattern. As for the string, I preferred it upside down :-)

Finally I did Diane and Carolein's weekly Triple alphabet challenge. For SPV I chose Pendrils, pepper, Vega and Swarm. There seems to be a server error on their site at the moment so I can't add the link here. I managed to find the page via a circuitous route to add my entry but the link won't go directly there, however as soon as it is sorted I will edit the post to include it.


  1. I like this D&C tile a lot, nice tangles.

  2. I really hate when I have to move all my stuff away. But it does get a bit more organized when moving it back so I guess we should appreciate the little push to declutter... ( who am I kidding.. 3 hours later it's back to usual! Lol)

    You did some lovely work. I really like you SPV tile. It reminds me of a prize with the ribbons blowing in the wind. And your F tile looks great with the green splash.

  3. First off I would like to apologize for my site having problems - it spits at me like that too sometimes and I always hope people won't be scared off - sorry!! Thank you for your persistence!! Here is the link

    Your first 2 tiles are lovely and I LOVE your S-P-V!! It is so cool the way all the other tangles emerge from Pepper!! Great job!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy