Tuesday 7 July 2015

Entwined in Entwine

Well Joey has me well and truly tied up in knots with this one! Her Monotangle challenge this week is to use Entwine. I really thought it was going to get the better of me, I tried and tried. It is a long step-out which does produce the results in the end but I couldn't get it to flow. The next question is what to do with it? A border is the obvious answer, but with a Monotangle a border around what? I couldn't think of any other way and tried to do a border but couldn't mitre the corners or get it to look finished nicely at the ends.

I discovered I was automatically drawing Entwine in four steps which I found a little better than the seven in Molasses step out, so I thought I would make myself a tile of my steps. I was still struggling to finish the full tangle without mistakes and I suddenly thought well a step-out is also a Monotangle, if I draw my step-out neatly perhaps that will have to do this week.

Finally I had another go and managed to produce this framed tile of Entwine as a Monotangle to enter, but I am not pleased with it. Once again I really look forward to seeing how you more creative artists have interpreted this challenge.

My Version of the Step-out:-

My Entwine entry:-


  1. Love the step out. I ended up simplifying Molossus' step outs as well. But I'm not sure I could have explained it as well as you have. This was a toughy. Great job on the entry.

  2. Great job and thanks for the step out. I've been finding this one hugely frustrating and decided to take a pass this week. Maybe I'll try it again with this step-out. Well done!

  3. I'll try this version too! Love your little stand, really shows off your work nicely!
    ~ joey ~

  4. I LOVE your stepout - wish I had seen this before I tried - I got so tangled up ... yours is so lovely and neat - and pretty too. Great job!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. That took a lot of time and really came out perfect! Sarah.

  6. Great job. I also simplified the steps, but not exactly the same way that you did.

  7. THIS! This is the step out I went looking for, remembering that I had seen entwined with a step out that starts with triangles. Maybe with these instructions, I'll be able to do it! And it turned out terrific for you, clearly. Love it!