Tuesday 21 June 2016

Joey's challenge 118 - Maryhill

I loved Joey's blog this week, it made me laugh :-D She is really cranking up the challenge. A circle within a circle string and Maryhill tangle pattern, of course we were all going to put it in the centre weren't we!  Joey however has forbidden it, now that is plain mean lol. Nevertheless I really enjoyed drawing this tile. I have drawn Maryhill and several variations all around a Showgirl centre.

Sunday 19 June 2016


Gosh, I thought I had posted this, good thing I noticed in time. I loved the circle string this week in Joey's Challenge and Socc was new to me. I liked this Tangle Pattern, although sometimes I struggled to have enough room to fill in all the auras. I really liked the higgledy-piggeldy look of the separating lines.

I outlined the inner circle with Dragonair and in addition to Socc I used a Indy-fella filled Ahh, Tri-Bee, Fescu and good old Mooka.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

1st Zeniversary

YT enters the room, dragging a crate behind her, slips *hic* over the corner of the rug, falls on her bottom *hic* and at the same time raising a glass whilst singing:-

"Happy Anniversary to me" *hic*, "Happy Anniversary to me" *hic*

"Oh there you are, have a glass, grab a bottle of fizz from the crate and join in :-) "

Yes, it is one whole year since I first discovered Zentangle® and started this blog! Well technically I discovered the Zentangle® Method a fortnight earlier in May, but for some reason it didn't immediately grab me!!! Can you imagine that!!! It was actually another two weeks before I returned to it and became a Zentangle Zealot. It is easy to remember because I created the blog to post a tile I had drawn for The Divas's Challenge and the challenge one year ago was - guess what - The Beads of Courage :-)

During my working life I was a Peadiatric Nurse, training and working at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, London, as long ago as the 1980/90's. I wish we had heard or thought of the Beads of Courage then, they sound brilliant, both as a reward and as a story of the children's journey.
My first Beads of Courage Tile.

For The Diva's Challenge this year I thought at first that I must try hard to do something really fantastic to show how much I my tangling had developed since last year. Perhaps those marvellous gems or something, but in fact I ended up doing something much simpler than last year. A Monotangle of Nipa had immediately come to my mind. If I coloured the orbs to turn them into Beads of Courage it should be just right, and also added a couple of square beads. 

After the week's break last week I am looking forward to visiting all your blogs and seeing your beads.

Monday 6 June 2016


I have just spent a week away from my pens and paper, which was unfortunate as I missed the last of Joey's Roman Numerals. I will get back to it and add it when I do. So now Joey is challenging us with a new series of circular strings.

Joey stipulated Flux, but there are two styles of Flux and I chose to use Rick's Flux. I added Gourdgeous and ended up with this rather lopsided Zendala. I drew the circle freehand hence the odd shape :-)