Tuesday 19 July 2016


I have drawn a very quick and simple tile this week for The Diva's Challenge. I almost didn't do the challenge but then I remembered Anya Lowthorpe's Splash which just fits the reason why not.

We have been challenged to tangle a tile whilst in motion. Now my problem is I am very, very motion sick. There is no way I could look downwards in a car and tangle as The Diva did whilst on holiday. I have been like this since a child, and the first time I managed to go in a car without being sick was when I learnt to drive. Strange isn't it that I can drive without being sick. I have improved with age a little, I can now sit in the front passenger seat providing I look up and forwards but I am still hopeless in a bus. Strangely enough I never get sea sick, but I thought catching a ferry just to do The Diva's Challenge was taking things too far!

I was taking some photo's of our garden in the glorious sun this morning when I caught sight of our new garden seat which is a glider (a sort of rocking chair) and I thought that would do for motion.
I have drawn W2 using shaky lines to represent the motion (otherwise known as covering up the wonky line mistakes ;-). I also used Splash to represent what would happen if I travelled on a vehicle and really followed the challenge through properly.


This week the string in Joey's Weekly Challenge cuts our circle into quarters and the tangle to use is B'twined. 

I decided there was no way I was going to able to fit B'twined neatly into a quarter, even if I used other tangles in the other quarters, so I used B'twined across the whole circle and defined the quarters with two colours. I then went mad and used the top part of B'Dylan around the perimeter. B'Dylan is a tangle I have seen used quite a lot just lately and it has given my drawing a sort of hairy monster look lol.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Give Peace a Chance

I don't normally post two challenge responses in one, however today is different. After the shootings this week both Joey, and The Diva (via Suzanne Flurr) are concerned about all the troubles in the world and have made it a theme for their challenges.

I have to say this is something I am concerned about as well. To slightly alter a well known phrase - 'All lives matter', but that doesn't mean you can hurt others to achieve your own aim. In most religions, and in a lot of communities, love is highly prized, but you would never know it from the wars conducted in the name of religion or the spitefulness amongst congregations so I am done with religion, you can keep it!

I wish all lives could be ruled by Zentangle® . No mistakes, no condemnation for things not done, just praise for what is done. I have never virtually 'met' such a nice kind group of people as my Zentangle virtual friends.

Anyway enough of me, the theme is Peace and Joey has given us the peace sign as a string along with Suzanne who has asked us to make a ZIA representing Peace. I decided to do the two challenges in one as I have a backlog at the moment and thought I would make my own life more peaceful this way:-)

Somehow I have missed out one of the legs in the peace sign (what an idiot) but no mistakes, so here is the result. I have put an Ellish P for Peace in the top left hand section and used Heartswell for love in the top right hand section. Patina is in the bottom section as I love that tangle, and Organic has been used as borders which is part of Joey's challenge.

I hope you all have a very peaceful day.

Monday 4 July 2016

National Colour

This week's challenge from The Diva is going to be very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone does for their response. The challenge is to represent the national colours of our country.

Now I bet you are all thinking I am going to do green for Ireland, but you would be wrong :-) A lot of people don't realise that in fact blue is the national colour of Ireland - St Patrick's blue. This is why the printed edition of the Constitution of Ireland has a blue cover, why the President's Chair is blue with a Celtic harp on it and why the carpets in the Dail and Seanad (Irish Parliament) are a deep blue.

No-one really knows why people started to think green was the Irish Colour. Of course the national flag of the Republic does have green on one third of it, that was to represent the older Gaelic tradition while the orange represents the supporters of William of Orange. The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the 'orange' and the 'green'.

This is a picture of St. Patrick's Hall where the Irish Presidents are inaugurated, not a hint of green anywhere lol.   :-
For my tile this week I drew a string of the Celtic Harp and used the new tangle pattern Interlude around it. I surrounded the harp with Oh Well in blue. The only pen the right colour was three thicknesses thicker than I usually use and it felt very clumsy when drawing with it.

Here is my St Patrick's Blue tile done today for The Diva:-
A couple of weeks ago I did a travelling tangle with Saffy from Great Britain. As it happens I sent her a tile with the corner done in the colours of the Irish National Flag and Sh'rock tangled on it. Saffy tangled the rest with the British colours of red white and blue. What a coincidence it coming up as a challenge from the Diva now!

Friday 1 July 2016


Summer has arrived in this neck of the woods, although with all the rain you wouldn't know it. Everything has got busier and somehow I don't seem to be doing the same amount of blogging. Anyway I have had time to tangle and this is the Zendala I did for Joey's challenge. I thought I would make Gnarly splash up out of the string, and surrounded it with Printemps, Pokeleaf and Measles.