Wednesday 8 July 2015

How do you C the world?

"How do you C the world?" asks Kristinne in her weekly challenge. Well, looking at the results of my tile it would seem darkly, but with music to lighten the mood.

I have used four out of the five allowed tangles beginning with C. I wanted to use my Zentangle® Starter Kit again today so I decided to use all the official tangles beginning with C which appear in the accompanying booklet. The only one I didn't like much was Cobwebs, so I replaced that with Chrissie Framton's Cayla instead. The other tangles I used were centipede, charts and Didier Gervy's chocobox.

It is really cold and windy here in Ireland, more like winter than summer. You can send some of your unwanted heat over here Kristinne :-)

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