Thursday 9 July 2015

It's a String Thing Zentennial

There is a great whoopla going on over at Tickled to Tango this week. It's A String Thing Challenge has been going on for a hundred weeks! Just think of all that work hosting it. Sometimes a string from another artist is used but already in the few weeks since I discovered Zentangle® Adele has invented a couple of the strings herself. (I hope you don't mind me calling you Adele, I haven't known of you for long :-) Not only strings, she has cleverly invented tangle patterns too.

That is the case for this week. The string is in a shape of 100 and the tangle pattern we have to use is Adele's 100 and it seems to have infinite variations - possibly 100 variations ! You can find her step-out below the string here 

You might think that is achievement enough, but no, Adele has gone on to produce a wonderful frame for Zentangle tiles. The tile is attached to the Matt black frame with a tiny magnet, making it easy to swap your tiles when you wish to display another one. I can't wait until they are in her shop, I just hope the shipping to Ireland (which is the post office and nothing to do with Adele) isn't prohibitive.

I would love to have drawn an artistic tile full of confetti thrown into the air and bubbles from the champagne, but I have not yet achieved that sort of standard so here is my more humble tile, which does at least have ribbons.

Happy Zentennial Adele, and long may you continue:-

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