Thursday 9 July 2015

Find me a pen, I need to Zen

Over on another blog we were just talking about how we hated grocery shopping and I agreed adding that I have got to go this morning. We usually do our big shop in the local chain supermarket (Lidl to those of you who know it). Lidl is the sort of place that is laid out the same wherever you are. In fact our local Lidl here in Ireland is laid out the same as the Lidl we used when we lived in England. Last week we were in a neighbouring town so we went to their Lidl, which was laid out totally differently and it felt very claustophobic and we hated it. We said we would never go there again.

This week we have returned to our usual Lidl only to find, *shock, horror*, they have changed the layout and guess what - Yes they have made it like the claustophobic one. Shopping this week was a nightmare, we couldn't find several things we wanted ( I suppose we will get used to that as we find where things are) but it is very depressing as you go round because there are high deep freezes all around the walls. It is so silly because the very latest surveys done by the major supermarkets show that contrary to what was believed, people actually spend less if they change things.

So I needed to calm down, sorry about the rant. Pass me a pen because of course Zentangle® is just the thing to put me into a better mood.

I did Dianne and Carolein's Triple Alphabet Challenge #14 LQD. I used Linq, Locor, Quib and Dyon with a background of Lacey and decided to colour it in for extended playtime :-)


  1. Great form and placement of your tangles. Really nicely done. And the light color ties it all together beautifully. Sarah.

  2. Lovely work with wonderful light colour and nice patterns :-)

  3. Pretty - I like the soft colors!

  4. I like the design of this tile. Very original. Glad tangling helped you to calm down :-)

  5. Zen with a pen ;)
    Like your tile!

  6. This is totally beautiful!! Very cool and creative!! I too do NOT like it when stores change layout ... I spend less because I get disoriented :) :) Glad you took coloring time too!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy