Wednesday 11 November 2015


Honestly they talk about global warming but I really think our planet has reached that certain age. You know what I mean, hot flushes and unusual feelings. Yesterday afternoon reached 17C, I mean really, it is November! It can snow here in November! The highest temp we had in mid summer this year was 18C. Now I agree, 18C is cool for summer here, although we live right beside the sea where it it always slightly cooler than elsewhere, but you see what I mean - down in Summer, then teashirt weather when we should be getting out our scarves and mittens for the winter :-(

Diane and Carolein's Challenge this week is UK & H. I am afraid I stuck with just one beginning with U, there are not many U tangles that I like drawing so Up and Down is the one I chose today. For K I chose Keenes and Knase (which I put into the K bijou tile). I got more carried away with H. I used Hepmee, Hypnotic, Henna Drum and Hamail.


  1. I forgot about Hamail! How sweet your tumbling tiles are. May I use a similar idea kind of like your tile arrangements without infringing on your artistic license? I had an idea the other day but didn't want to draw it without asking. Thank you dear Tortoise. Sarah.

  2. I love this composition and like Sarah I would try this myself.

    1. Of course, I would be flattered if you and Sarah want to do tumbling tiles too. I got the idea from those zentangle® Step out forms the CZT's use so all ideas come from somewhere and I can't take all the credit :-)

  3. Beautiful and compliments to make so beautiful Hamail. It was my first choice, but after 3 tries i quit and make someting else....

  4. These look totally lovely ... or should I say *this* looks beautiful!! :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy