Friday 12 June 2015

You won't believe it!

Guess what, - I've found another challenge!!! This one is Bright Owl's Zendala Dare, and I have arrived just in time for her 100th Challange :-) She provides three sizes of template and it is up to us to choose which size we want and the tangle patterns.

I chose the medium template, the smaller one look too intricate for beginner me. Bright Owl had been celebrating her brother's birthday near Sr Patrick's Day and said 'Go Irish'. As I am living in Ireland I decided to colour my Zendala in the colours of the Irish Tricolor Flag - Green, white and Orange. Btw did you know Ireland's National Colour is Blue - St. Patrick's Blue? Yep, a lot of people don't know that, including some Irish people. It is why the President's Inauguration Chair was upholstered in Blue.

I have got rather over-excited finding, and drawing for, all these challenges this week. Next week I shall try and space them out a bit more. In the meantime, once I had finished my Zendala, I decided to Challange myself to draw a tile using one tangle pattern from each of the challenges I have entered this week. 

Here is my Zendala:-

And here is my weeks tile:-


  1. I love that bead tile! Looks like it's floating along underwater. I like that shade of green a LOT! and speaking of color, I'm definitely going to find out more about St. Patrick Blue, since Irish is my heritage and we celebrate St Pat's Day as a family almost as delightedly as we do Christmas or Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog. I love the tangles and color you used on the Zendala, and your bead tile is great.I love getting to know other artists through these challenges, I've really missed that since general living took front seat.

  3. LOL! You are truly addicted when you run out of challenges so you challenge yourself to create a tile using tangles from the other challenges!!!! It's ok, though, because the more challenge you participate in, the more beautiful tiles you make for us to enjoy looking at! Thank you for sharing!