Wednesday 17 June 2015

One Day's Break

A whole day has gone by without me posting about a challenge. I must be slacking ! Is this me trying to spread out the challenges as I meant to? Actually no, it is just a time difference thing between countries, the next challenge was posted whilst I was in bed asleep. It is one way of slowing me down I suppose lol

I have kept this tile simple, open and airy. It is for Diane & Caroline's Challenge #11, in which we use tangles beginning with F - M & T. I am still learning to draw tangle patterns carefully, and how they fit together so I chose Fengle, Flux, Fescu, Mooka and that good old standby, Tipple. See - I am already starting to think of something as a good old standby, so I must be progressing.


  1. Nice choice of patterns!

  2. You did well an have chosen nice tangles. It's always a big thing about time and places. My stepson lives in California and when my husband and hi wants to skype it's sometimes hard to find a time that suits both.

  3. Lovely choice of tangles (we chose similar comfort tangles also). Beautiful, airy tile. Nicely done. Happy tangling!

  4. This is so very pretty. Congrats on a standby :) :) :) I need to remember Fescu - I always like it and forget :) Thank you for joining in!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy