Wednesday 10 June 2015

Creating this Blog

I created this blog principally to be able to post my entry for The Diva's Challenge of the week. Then I thought that all my life I have been involved in other creative hobbies which on the surface seem normal, but I always manage to find a slightly crazy angle to them which excites me and I go mad creating for them. The title of my blog was born - Creative Madness :-)

Under that title I will be able to post pictures about whatever I am currently working on. I enjoy the usual crafty/needlework activities like knitting etc. but I tend to stumble upon the more unknown aspects of them. Sadly I have never had any drawing or painting ability, but I love all types of needlework. I do a lot of knitting for example and a couple of years ago I came across Yarn Bombing, which just appealed to my sense of humour. These are two that I made last year:-

The spade is knitted with a yellow handle to represent the sun, the shaft is blue and white to represent the sky/clouds, and of course the bottom represents flowers in a garden and the earth.

Green Fingers
The blog owners name that you see below - The Yorkshire Tortoise - comes from Letterboxing. It is a hobby that I have been involved in since the 1980's. There is a craft side to letterboxing that can be quite popular, carving stamps and/or making visitors books. I enjoy carving the stamps needed to put into the boxes, but I also found a crazy angle which is taking a Boxing Buddy on the walks with me. My current Boxing Buddy is a bright red dragon called Fireball.

Boxing Buddy Fireball stamping into a mini visitors book.
 Some stamps I have carved:-

 About a fortnight ago, whilst surfing the web looking for coloured drawing techniques, I came across my latest passion, the Zentangle® method of drawing. That was it, I was hooked. I read everything I could find about it, especially their Website. That brings me full circle to the initial reason I created this blog The Diva's Challange. 

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