Monday 15 June 2015

Before and After

In this week's 'That's New To Me' Challenge SuzyMosh asked us to use tangle patterns beginning with the letter R and also an Artist Focus of Lily Popcheff. All the patterns I chose were new to me, which are not difficult to find for me at this stage of my Zentangle development :-)

Lily Popcheff has drawn some very intricate tangle patterns of her own invention. I chose two with which I felt I might be able to tackle - Caroline and Zoose.

The rest of the patterns begin with R, - Rain, River and Raindotty. I wasn't too happy with the way my Raindotty came out, I couldn't seem to achieve the ripples as in Jane Monk's Step Out. It just looked like the dots I sometimes use as a background filler, so I decided to colour in the ripple circles to try and emphasise them.

Below is the before and after, see what you think - any advice about it in the comments would be gratefully received.

The coloured version is the tile I am entering in the Challenge.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, I really like how you used all the patterns together and thank you for trying mine - great work, you should be proud, and the blue is a delicate touch :)

  2. Great pattern combination! I can see the rain falling into the river and causing the Caroline swells. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  3. it's like a seashore The blue raindotties kind of glow like phosphorescence, and the river pattern, like the waves...a very comforting, watery tile