Tuesday 23 June 2015

Dying to Break Out

There are some wonderful artist's out there. I have become addicted to clicking on the links to see how others have interpreted the challenges.

(Huge apologies to people who are not on Blogger and require an email to comment, I have a thing about giving out my email as little as possible, all sorts of extra sites start sending you rubbish. )

Anyway to get back to the subject in hand, the detail in some of the tiles is amazing, really artistic. I think that is the difference between true artists and someone like me. The true artists have vision. I am still at the stage of following step-outs faithfully. At least looking at all the other wonderful entries has now made me start to think "what else can I put in there, how can I change it", but then my mind goes blank or else I realise the thing I have thought of is like one I have seen recently. For this reason I avoid looking at entries until I have drawn my own tile, so as not to be influenced by them.

There IS an artist inside me somewhere - I'm dying for it to break out.

This (rather plain) tile is for SuzieMosh's New To Me Challenge. F is the subject this week and I chose Fengle (wonderful Fengle, who can resist it?) Florz, Ferdy and two new to me - Floatfest, and Finery.


  1. Nice tile! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week and good luck in the raffle!

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Beautiful "F" tile !!