Monday 15 June 2015

Madly Creating Tangles

I am so hooked ! I love tangling, and I love these challenges. Last week I said I would spread them out across the week and savour them. Who was I trying to kid ! This is my fourth tile today and my second entry for Joey's Alphabet Monotangle Challenge. Are you allowed to put in two entries? I don't know, but if I am contravening the rules I hope Joey will forgive me. I had a sudden inspiration - I could try putting Bunzo into two corners of the tile and join them with a Bunzo Bridge. Try saying Bunzo Bridge quickly lol!

Here is my second entry today:-


  1. A little strange looking, but definitely original! Great job!

  2. hee hee...a bunzo bridge! Love it. they look like a balloon animal. Lovely shine and sweet little cute bubbly sections.