Thursday 18 June 2015


This tile is for the 'It's a String Thing Challenge'. As you can see from it's title it has a string chosen for you along with around four tangle patterns. It has a slightly different format in that you email a photo of the tile to Adele who is a CZT and she adds them to her site at the end of the week with a comment. I like the comments, they are never negative, but they do give me a slight clue as to which portions of my tile were better, because presumably those portions are the bits that are mentioned. Then I can look at the other areas and see what I could have done instead. This helps me to improve as I currently have no access to a CZT. Unlike you lucky people across The Pond, there is only one CZT in Ireland and is currently unavailable. I have got my eye out in case, I believe he does do a workshop occasionally, but until then I am learning as much as I can from people like Adele who kindly give so much of their knowledge on the Internet.

I also learn a lot from looking at all the other entries to the Challenges. Seeing how others have interpreted the challenge gives me ideas for next time and what to practice. I have learnt a little about shading for example, although I am still often unsure exactly which areas I should be applying it to.

This is entry for It's a String Thing #97


  1. Nice tile :) you've put umble in the same place as I have :)

  2. I like your "zipped" tile. Very beautiful

  3. Nice work! I am fairly new to tangling also, but am fortunate I have found a great CZT to help me along ... I agree, the added comments when all the tiles are posted are very helpful for all of us. Enjoying reading your blog ...