Sunday 28 June 2015

My Favourite Zentangle Letter

Today is the start of my Zentangle week. It begins with SuzieMosh's Tangle Me Three Challenge alongside her That's New To Me Challenge.

I have really enjoyed tangling today, and I have finished the tiles for both of them already! This is for the 'Tangle Me Three Challenge' which is featuring the Axlexa tangle pattern. I decided to use a blue pen as the central variation reminds me very much of an ink blot lol. Do you remember ink blots? Strange to think youngsters these days won't know what they are!

N is the letter for the 'That's New To Me Challenge' with an artist focus on Neil Burley. I think N is my favourite Zentangle Letter as I love nearly all the tangle patterns in that category. I chose just three, N'zepple, Narwal (how can you resist Narwal ;-) and New To Me - Noodles by Neil Burley.


  1. Well you were super fast with both of them!! I am going to tackle Axlexa now .. but that won't be posted until another day. I LOVE your Axlexa ... it is so creative ... to me it looks like the sun or moon coming out of an eclipse. Yes, ink blots :) ... guess I will need to try Narwal - it looks scary to do and N'zeppple is tricky too - to me :) :) Neil's Noodles are cool - I considered them too - cover both N and Neil at once. It looks like a party. Both are lovely!!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. I love your Axlexa! It looks like an atom splitting. Great job on your TNTM tile too! Thanks for being part of both of these challenges! Good luck in the raffle.

  3. Both are very nice. I was too scared to do Narwahl. Yours looks great! Sarah

  4. I like both of your tiles very much

  5. I love both tiles, but obviously slightly biased toward the second. Great use of Noodles, and I'm with Felicity on the effect alongside Narwals. Thanks for using one of my patterns, and good luck in the draw!


  6. groovy, man. :) The N challenge...good combination of tangles, with the noodlz providing good balance to the Narwhal. And both of them active patterns, so the whole piece makes the eye travel around a lot. I also LOVE that Axlexa piece. It is so mystic looking.