Wednesday 19 August 2015


I seem to be having a sepia week. I have been using the set of Derwent Sepia Graphik pens which I was given for my birthday last week and I do like the effect. I am using some card stock, which I have in various shades, to cut up into tiles. I particularly like this pale cream coloured card in conjunction with the sepia. I also have some coloured Micron pens which I was able to order from Amazon and thought a hint of blue might go well with the sepia to make it interesting.

I is the string this week for Tackle It Tuesday and I drew a nice thick capital I (with crossbar at top and bottom) down the centre of the card and filled it with Ing. Unfortunately when I added the other tangles the I disappeared unless you look really hard. Still a string is meant to disappear isn't it! On one side I used Cresent Moon and on the other side I used Ix I used a brown coloured pencil to shade. I really enjoyed drawing this, I like aura type tangles, and I have to say I am very pleased with the result :-)


  1. Very nice...and pens for your birthday. Someone loves you!!! Let us know if you like the colored Microns or the Derwents.