Thursday 13 August 2015

In too much of a Hurry with Hurry

H is the letter for the string in Tackle it Tuesday this week. I was looking forward to this, it seemed to me that h would make a great string. I decided on a nicely rounded lower case h, then wanted to put Hurry in the lower central hole. I must have been in too much of a hurry with my Hurry because I started with 3 vertical lines instead of 3 diagonal lines and had gone too far to stop. I liked it in the end, I thought it looked just like a little door into Wonderland. I also used Hep-Mee and the free-form version of Huggins. I left the h as a negative space as I didn't want to lose the shape.


  1. I love how your "H" is puffy looking great job!

  2. No mistakes -- a hurried Hurry turned out just great. Love your curvy Huggins!