Wednesday 26 August 2015


It is dawn here in this neck of the woods, and there is a beautiful sky full of Reds, Pinks, Grey, White and Blues. We used to say "red sky in the morning sailors warning", but that doesn't seem to apply anymore as the sky seems to be red most mornings these days. It must be pollution I suppose, causing it to happen everyday. Whatever the cause they are beautiful to look at. Do you have frequent red sunrises in your part of the world?

For Tackle It Tuesday this week I have chosen a Jettie (lovely tangle, one of those irresistible ones :-) Jalouise, Jax (it was interesting trying to use it as a filler rather than a long ribbon) and Jonquil. I saw this twisted version of Jonquil done on Facebook's Square One and was rather taken with it. I used to think Jonquil was a boring tangle but not now.