Wednesday 5 August 2015

Alphabet Strings

G made a great string in the  Tackle it Tuesday Challenge, (actually now that I think about it I should have entitled this post G-String, but I didn't want any creepy searches coming up with my post lol).

I used a handwritten g. I love gneiss and thought the top circle of the g would be ideal but once it was finished I thought it looked a bit clumpy. I really enjoyed drawing the whole thing in my sketch book. The tiles are normal and bijou sized drawn on 9" x 6" paper. I have quite a lot of G tangle patterns in there. Gust, Good Joss, Gravee, Gnarly, Gumleaves and of course Gneiss that I mentioned previously.


  1. A fellow Gumleaves person! They're one of my favorite tangles. Love your garlic cloves as well. Very graceful. Sarah.

  2. Love how you put all those G tangles together in your sketch book.