Friday 28 August 2015

From Phicops to Philip

Tangleations for me doesn't just mean tangles combined, but also the stupid words the Spell checker comes up with when I try to write tangle names. It drives me nuts, as I have to constantly correct the spell checker Grrrr.... ! For example Paizle becomes Paisley (which I suppose is probably what was in the mind of the person who christened it), Phen becomes Phew, and Phicops insists on being Philip of all things! Jujubeedze becomes judge-edge, which doesn't even make sense! I have had some really hilarious ones, but of course now that I am blogging about it, and want to make you laugh, I can't remember any of them. Have you had any incidents with Tangle names?

This week on Diane and Carolein's Triple Alphabet Challenge the letters are PIJ. I chose Jalouise, Purk, Pookroot and Inapod and for a string I used two of Margeret Breamer's Birds.


  1. It's drawn so nicely. I envy your steady hand and precision! It makes for a beautiful piece this week! Sarah

  2. This is beautiful, YT!! And I know what you mean about those spell checkers!! :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy