Monday 17 August 2015

My Week 11 - Colds

I'm feeling sorry for myself, I've got a dreadful cold, cough, sore throat, my voice has gone and I ache all over. Where I managed to pick a cold up from in the middle of summer I don't know! I don't catch colds easily, in fact my partner had a particularly bad one during the winter and I never caught it, but I certainly know about this one.

There, that has cheered you up, reading my depressing post, hasn't it :-)

It hasn't stopped me tangling though. My first tile this week is for Joey's Weekly Monotangle Challenge #74. I am really enjoying these Monotangle challenges as not only do they make me try tangles I might avoid, but also since they are Monotangles you really get to know them. Kosy I have used before and really enjoy drawing. As you can see from my chop on the tile, (thank you everyone for your advice last week) I thought I liked it one way up, so I signed it, then I decided I preferred it on the other side, so here we are:-


  1. Hope you will soon feel beter...!
    It didn't influence your zentangle work: lovely tile! Nice composition, including your chop ;-)

  2. Feel better soon! Your challenge is still beautiful despite how bad you feel. I like how you have outlined the Kozy's.
    ~ joey ~

  3. cute! like little worm stars hahahaha Hope you feel better soon. A summer cold is truly an unhappy thing to deal with.

  4. Another fine tile. I like the tone of color you used. Very natural!

  5. Hope you are feeling better! I love the big Kozy!

  6. Hope you feel better, YT!!! This is very cute and friendly!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy