Wednesday 19 August 2015


I have just been looking at Diane and Carolien's tiles for the KAT challenge this week. They are lovely, but the thing that struck me is they have decided on similar tangles, similar colours and yet they are not the same result, they do not look alike. It always amazes me how the subject of a challenge is the same for everyone, and yet no matter how many entries no two will be the same.

Here is my tile for this week, another in my Sepia series. I used Knase, a quarter swirly Arukas, Angelfish, Antidots, Tripoli and Tidings. I used a brown coloured pencil to shade with and a blue Micron pen for the swirl in Tidings.


  1. Nice work! Love your choice of colours.

  2. Indeed lovely coloring and chosen tangles.

  3. My comment got eaten!! :) Yes it is amazing how we can all start out with the same things and yet they come out with our own personal mark on them!! Your patterns, colors, shadings are lovely!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Lovely tile with wonderful colours. Your Arukas looks like a sun :-)