Wednesday 2 September 2015

Undine, jonqual and bumper

U J & B are the letters this week for Diane and Carolien's Challenge. I struggled to find a U tangle that I liked. I didn't want to use Umble and the others didn't seem to fit the bill. In the end I chose Undine which I hadn't used before. Around the top edge I used Bumper and the lower portion is filled with Jonqual. I really love doing Jonqual in this wiggly shiny fashion. I saw someone on Square One do it like this and I have used it ever since.

The String for this week's It's a String Thing looked very interesting this week, and I enjoyed the chosen tangle patterns too. I am not sure why the diagonal line is across the bottom part of the string. It divided the smallest square into triangles but apart from that didn't seem to create any extra portions. I liked all the patterns, and I think I am going to repeat the tile several times with the tangles in different parts just to see the difference, I drew this one in my sketch book, but it is a normal tile size.


  1. Like you I like the shining Jonqual in you tile.

  2. Love how shiny your tile is! Beautiful choices.

    Thanks for joining our challenge!

  3. Oh, YT I really like the Jonquil that way too!! Love it. Your Undine (I will have to look it up) also fills the bill perfectly!! :) :) Lovely tile!! and lovely String one too :) :) :) Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy