Sunday 6 September 2015


L for Lealad by Lily Moon. Sometimes I struggle to think of variations for the Tangle Me Three Challenges, but this time they just seemed to flow from my pen. I am sure some arty people will be able to produce some amazing ideas with zing, but at least I remembered shading ,which for me is good. Perhaps I should have tried to change the flower too, in fact I can think of lots of variations for this tangle but it is not called Tangle Me 100 and I am pleased with the tile as it is :-)

The original tangle is within the L which is for Lealad and for Lily Moon. On the left hand side I did a curved variation and on the right hand side a horizontal version.


  1. Great job! I like the L. Thanks for being part of the TM3 challenge this week!

  2. Love the curvy variation. The whole thing just looks like fun!

  3. I like that curvy, swoopy version you've woven into the left side. Good work!

  4. This is beautiful, YT!! So pretty!! And I got my challenges colored in at last :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy