Monday 14 September 2015


I really like Oke, well in fact I really like any of Michelle Beauchamp's ZIA, so it is not surprising I suppose. The only trouble with it is that I think it is a rather large tangle to fit into a tile. I know some people are clever enough to draw very small intricate tangles, but I haven't got to that stage yet.

Joey mentioned Fall, and it is that sort of weather today here too, so I thought I would try and do an Autumnal Oke Monotangle ZIA for Joey's Challenge this week. (Autumnal Oke Monotangle ZIA, now there is a mouthful for you lol) I drew a tile in the centre of my sketch book page and copied one of Michelle's tile examples into it - my favourite one. I then set about drawing falling Oke leaves around and under it. There are some amazing artists out there in Zentangle® Land, but I am the sort of person who had never been able to draw until I came across this art form, so it is not wonderful but I tried hard and was fairly pleased with the results of my mornings effort.


  1. This is a such a pretty way to use Oke in a monotangle. I love that you used Autumn colours to finish it off!
    Thank you for sharing your Autumnal Oke Monotangle ZIA!
    ~ joey ~

  2. I love how your leaves are so graceful with their loose ends! This is a winner, Yorkshire Tortoise!

  3. oooh! I love this! it is like fall, and I just LOVE the delicate opened ends of each "leaf"...very much like Michelle B does it, in fact. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful page! I love the way you've explored this pattern.

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  6. ups - here again: Beautiful - I love your OKE (which was my first challenge participation)
    Thank you also for stopping by on my Blog. I'm glad finaly that I found your interesting Blog, since your Link does not work correctly. Greetings Esther