Monday 21 September 2015

Pea nuckle

I have drawn my own step-outs for all of Zentangle's® official patterns, except two - Glacé (which I can't get hold of any info for) - and Pea nuckle (because I thought I wouldn't use it). Today Pea-nuckle is the subject of Joey's Monotangle Challenge and so I have to use it, and that is what these challenges are all about ;-)

First of all I made that missing step-out and practised along the way. Then I thought "what on earth can I do with this as a Monotangle?" I thought about just drawing different areas of the tile in different colours, then I suddenly remembered reading Margeret Bremner's blog yesterday where one of the pictures she has framed is of her Wibbly Wobbly Houses.

That was it! I decided to try and draw a Wibbly Wobbly House. Unfortunately the weather in Wibbly Wobbly Land is a bad as here - rain, rain, rain! Now I have got myself in a muddle, are we allowed variations? I know it is Monotangle only, and I only put dots on the lines, but I can't remember the exact rules. I am quite pleased with it and don't want to start again so I am going to put it up and keep my fingers crossed.


  1. With most things in life I don't like to play by strict rules so when it comes to Art I bend the rules for the sake of a nice effect quite often! :o) I think if you are happy with it then it's a success! I have never drawn Pea Nuckle either and I'm having quite a time with it. I'm not sure if I'll post it or give it another go. I like to challenge myself and this one is doing just that! Thanks for participating every week and trying even the most challenging ones! I think your wobbly house is adorable and the rain variation is totally cool!
    ~ joey ~

    1. Actually I found Ellen Wolters video instructions very helpful:-

  2. This is adorable!!! I love the dotted lines! Such a creative monotangle!

  3. Your variations are fantastic. Such a fun piece. Thanks for the link to the Ellen Wolters video.