Wednesday 9 September 2015

Newsflash - Squid Steals Tile

I had such fun creating this ZIA for Diane and Carolien's SPC Challenge , but there has been a bit of drama. When I had finished it I went to get a cup of tea. I returned just in time to see Squid stealing the tile out of the ZIA ! The police have been informed, and there have been one or two sightings of Squid in various other places. The police also have a copy of this photo, so if Squid is apprehended it is prove positive and justice will be served.

If any of you see it please do not approach, as the sting from it's tentacles can be rather nasty, instead email the link straight to

For identification purposes it contains Podz, Pepper, Paradox, Cruffle, and Crescent Moon. It was accompanied by two versions of Stoic, also Springkle and Creweler.

Many thanks for your help. - YT


  1. I like what Squid did to your tile, so no help from me :-)

  2. You're funny :-) and so is your tile, so I'm sorry: no help from me either ;-)

  3. Funny blog and very original and pretty tile!

  4. Love your sense of humour and your tile also

  5. This is a riot, YT!! I love how you have developed your style of telling a story with your series of tiles :) :) It is really wonderful!!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy