Thursday 28 January 2016


I am so sorry I missed last week's Tackle It Tuesday challenge, I don't know how it happened - put it down to old age. Anyway I have both tiles to post here and as this week's challenge is to use the first letter of our last name then last week's tile will fit in too.

I was glad to have a challenge to distract me. My front tooth broke in half and I have had to have an emergency appointment today with the Dentist to get it sorted out. Fortunately I am not afraid of Dentist's, but it is stressful wondering if you can get an appointment and how much the whole thing will cost. I needn't have worried, they gave me an appointment straight away this morning and I have to return later today to have the gap filled.

So here I am, tangling and blogging, to calm down. The results are fairly unremarkable tiles, but I have used the Zentangle method to calmly draw two Zentangle tiles, one using the letter Y for tangle choices and one using T. I just added a touch of colour in the Y tile.

This was my Y tangle for last week's challenge. Of the two tiles this one is my favourite. I used Yuma, YAH, Yew-Dee, and Ynix.
For this week's challenge I used T tangles, Tizzy, Twing, Tripoli, and Tri-Bee.


  1. I so enjoy looking at your tangled tiles!

  2. Fantastic tiles. I love the touch of colour in your Y-tile and the T-tile is so beautyful, too.

  3. Ouch! So sorry about your broken tooth and unexpected trip to the dentist. I'm glad you were able to tangle and blog your worries away. (Don't you think they should Zentangle videos and supplies in every dentist's office?) Your tiles are very restful :)