Friday 8 January 2016

Abundies and Akoya

Hope you had a great time. I was very lucky and got quite a few tangling gifts. One of the books was Jane Monk's Tangle Stitches about quilting tangle patterns. I used to Quilt and would love to make some of the things in the book, especially the pile of pincushions that look like a pile of stones. It is a while since I quilted and am not sure if I will get back into it, but the photos in the book are great to look at and daydream about.

There are quite a few new themes amongst the challenges for 2016 and Tackle it Tuesday is one of them. We are starting with A and have to use Abundies and Akoya. I also added Axlexa. This challenge made me practice both Abundies and Akoya. I don't use Abundies much because I find it had to fit in with other tangles. Previously I haven't been able to make Akoya wrap around itself like it should but I think I managed it better this time after practice.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with! Nice job!