Thursday 14 January 2016

Tumbling Knightsbridge.

This week the string is a Sharp in Joey's Challenge and we are to use Knightsbridge. The sharp seemed an obvious shape for Knightsbridge tangle however it took some time for me to decide how I would draw it. In the end I decided to do one of my tumbling sketchbook pages.

On the little bijou tiles I draw straightforward Knightsbridge with the sharp running through it in various forms and for the large tile I used Bales to divide up the tile and Centipede across the two sharp bars.i finished it off with Knightsbridge within a barberpole ribbon. It is surprising how difficult it is to firstly, block in the black without leaving white patches, and secondly, to get the alternate squares correct. If you look closely you will find one or two slip-ups, but my decision was to live with them ;-)


  1. I love the composition--tumbling! I might try this. I really love the trompe-l'oeil! Brilliant, YT!