Thursday 7 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hi, Happy New Year Tangle Friends :-)

How are you all doing? I managed to tangle my way through Christmas but New Year went crazy and tangling had to take a back seat. Now I am behind, but at least I am starting to get back into my normal routine.

So Joey's New Theme this year is Music, and although Joey hasn't mentioned it yet I think we will soon be celebrating challenge number 100. That is something to look forward to. Music, what an original idea, I am delighted. My New Years resolution was to get more into the Zentangle Method side of tangling - as opposed to the fun artistic side - so the music theme will be really good for that.

I spend a lot of time tangling, so there is usually all sorts of things happening sound wise around me when I tangle - very often the television of course! I often put on gentle classical music (as opposed to rousing music) when I can sit down to tangle quietly, but today I have put on some New World music, the sounds of trees which was very relaxing, and I took my time. I didn't think I would like to tangle in silence, but then I read Jennifer's blog where she discribes hearing the sound of the pen whispering across the paper, so now I would quite like to try that tomorrow.

As Joey has chosen a b flat for the musical string I thought, in addition to the required Retro tangle, I would use tangles with a musical connection and chose Opus and Diva Dance. Here is the result:-


  1. Happy New Year to you too! You've created a lovely tile :-)

  2. Love your choice of other tangles