Monday 25 January 2016


A musical note is the last of this series of strings for Joey's Challenge and one in which we have to use Pais.

Being a bit slow on the uptake, I have just discovered that Joey has asked us a different question about music each week. For some reason I had overlooked this, and having answered the first question I didn't look any further. The answer to last week's humming question would have been no, I don't hum as I draw. I suppose maybe it has something to do with the fact that I can't sing in tune so I would probably hum out of tune too.

I used to listen to a lot of music when I was younger, but now I rarely turn it on. I have always hated background music, I prefer to sit down and actually listen to it and now that I am older I find music or noise in the background prevents me hearing what others are saying. Finding a time to sit down with music just seems harder these days.

Despite rarely having music on I can't say I really listen to my breathing when I tangle. I am not sure if I get into the 'zone' or not, but I certainly find it relaxing. On more than one occasion I have fallen asleep nose down onto my tile causing my pen scribble, rather like those pictures of toddlers falling asleep face down into their food lol.

I really liked this last string. It just seemed to divide the tile up nicely. I need to practice Pais more in order to get some of those nice organic shapes as in the step out, I kept trying to draw it like Flux. As I did last week, I emphasised the string in gold.


  1. Great tangle! I don't listen to music, hum, or listen to my breath when I'm tangling, either.


  2. I love the image of you sleeping on your tile :) How much more relaxing does it get?! Pretty choice of patterns. What's the one on the upper left section?

    1. That is the Zentangle original tangle pattern Gust. Now that you mention it I think I found it in the Starter Kit I got from Zentangle HQ.

  3. Love the gold touches and the tangles you chose to use with Pais. I agree with you that it is hard to not turn Pais into Flux!