Tuesday 9 February 2016

Yin and Yang

祝华人新年快乐给你太 Joey

新春快樂對你太 Joey

That is "Happy Chinese New Year to you too Joey", first in Manderin and secondly in Taiwan, at least that is what my translater app tells me. I hope I haven't got it dreadfully wrong and written something rude. Perhaps AngelEggroll can tell me (AngelEggroll is our tangle lady in Taiwan).

Isn't it marvellous being able to translate everything into another language? I get so excited when I am visiting all the Zentangle blogs and I am taken through to a blog where the owner lives in a country so culturally different to my own. Some bloggers write in both their own language as well as English, which to me is enourmously clever and thoughtful. However if you end up on a blog written perhaps not only in a different language but even using script for letters such as Russian or Chinese then all you have to do is click on 'Google translate' at the top and all the web page changes before your very eyes into your own language. It is just like magic, wonderful ! Of course Google Translate is not perfect and sometimes it can make you giggle with how wrong it is, but you can follow the gist of the blog which is the main thing.

Joey has given us a Yin-Yang shape for her challenge this week. I really enjoyed doing this, although perhaps it has not turned out as obviously black and white as I had hoped for. My idea was to have a White Pokeroot sideshape and a black Pokeroot sideshape with gem dots. Perhaps I should have put a slight space between the two sides to make it more obvious.

It is nice when we are given a tangle to use, even when it is a tangle I am not good at because it stretches me to improve something I wouldn't try otherwise. Today, it was lovely to just be able to use any tangle we wanted to and I decided to relax into a good old favourite. I loved doing this Yin-Yang so I am sure I will be doing more and if so I will add them during the week. 

BTW, anyone who uses Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram or Facebook to post their tiles please see my blog  which I did especially for you here:-



  1. I love your Pokeroot! And using the gems is brilliant! I totally agree with you about how marvelous it is 1) to have this global community 2) to be able to have an idea of what is said in other languages.