Monday 15 February 2016

Joey's 100th Challenge

Congratulations Joey. 100 challenges thought up and posted on her blog to focus our tangling minds. Well, as far as I am concerned long may it continue, I have really enjoyed these challenges, although I only started tangling last June, so unfortunately I haven't been here from the beginning.

To celebrate the zentenniary Joey has given us a 100 string and asked us to include bijou. I have always wanted to draw Bijou and didn't realise there was a video showing just that, so thank you Joey for the link.

I have done a trio of tiles - I thought 100 tiles would not only be a bit excessive, but also beyond me! For my first tile (which actually is my least favourite of the three) I stuck with the string Joey gave us and also included a bijou tile in the middle of it, so Bijou can't say he was left out. I used Adele Bruno's 100, Margeret Bremner's Partay!, Explosion, AHH and tried turning Pokeroot into balloons which didn't quite come off.
Next I made the 100 string a bit wavy, hanging Joey on a wavy 100 ribbon, using the O in Joey for the first 0 and AHH below for the second 0. Bijou is wandering across the top of the E, I hope he doesn't mind heights.
Lastly I strayed right away from the string to say thanks to Joey using the Zentangle Original pattern Vermal. Bijou even managed to insert himself into this tile disguised as a full stop :-D


  1. You were hard at work! Lovely tiles and love your different takes AND I love your blog.

  2. Those are all really great tangles. Great job!!


  3. those are pretty much the cutest bijous I've ever seen! all of these are just dandy.

  4. What a great group of tiles! I love the first's Bijou & Bijou;-)

  5. So beautiful tiles! And I especiallylove the little bijou snail... She is so cute....

  6. Oh I'm so honoured that you completed 3 tiles for this challenge! I love your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing your art each week! Thank you so much!
    ~ joey ~