Thursday 4 February 2016

Molygon Madness and Cayke

For Tackle It Tuesday this week we have to take the first letter of the month of your birth. Now that is all very well for youngsters, but at my age remembering when your birthday is takes a bit of thinking about lol. Anyway I finally came up with March, and as the Zentangle world is Molygon mad at the moment guess which tangle I decided to use - yes, Molygon! I squeezed in a tiny bit of Mooka too. I am going through a phase of using up my odd bits of card, so whilst this is a Zendala, it is just a bijou Zendala.

Next I went over to Joey's place, well I am sorry to say it wasn't so much 'next' as having had it on the back burner and finally getting round to it. We have to use Cayke, and I am afraid Cayke and I don't get on. I kept having a little go at it, but decided a bijou Cayke would have to do or I might not get anything done. I promise to try harder next week Joey.


  1. I think your cayke is wonderful and I like how you have shaded it! Bijous are great to get the job done aren't they?!
    Your Molygon is really nice too, how is it that I didn't know everyone has gone Molygon mad?!