Wednesday 14 October 2015

Quib, Quare and Quandary

Tackle It Tuesday is doing Q this week. Things are very quiet over there with only a few taking the challenge, but hopefully it will build up. I love challenges which involve the string and this is one of them. The string takes the form of the letter, filling the spaces with lovely tangle patterns. I couldn't find many beginning with Q, but I did find a few. Of course we don't have to stick to just Q, so long as there is one pattern beginning with Q that is ok, however I have given myself the extra challenge of using just patterns beginning with the weekly letter.

I have to say I couldn't get into the zone with this one and the result is fairly basic. Strange how it goes like that sometimes, I don't know why, I had been looking forward to Q. I considered leaving it until further in the week, but I have found in the past that once I get stuck like this I never really succeed as well as I want to even if I go back to it. Better to move on to something else.

I have drawn Quib as the stroke on the Q, two types of quandary formed the letter and Quare filled in the side. Quare was actually new to me, but I it doesn't play well with the others.

See you next week, hopefully in a more zen frame of mind.

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  1. I still like what you did! Even if you didn't get into the zone, it happens to me too!