Wednesday 14 October 2015


I had a bit of a dodgy experience yesterday. I was wearing a high necked jumper and talking with my neighbour when I felt a slight thud against my neck, but we were engrossed in our conversation so I didn't take a lot of notice. Two or three sentences later I suddenly felt my jumper move around the lower chest area, and when I looked down it actually was moving. Next thing I knew there was a sharp pain, then a couple more stabs and fluttering against my skin. I felt as though an alien was about to burst forth!

I shrieked and ran for the house, throwing my jumper and blouse off as soon as I got inside. At first I couldn't see anything but then I felt another pain and found the culprit - a wasp of course - caught between my chestickles! I am telling you, it really hurts. I have three stings on my tummy, one slightly higher and two on my chesticke. Fortunately I am not allergic to them, but they do quite hurt. At least they do not itch like mosquito bites, those can drive you mad with the scratching. I have no idea how it managed to get inside my jumper, it has quite a tight neckline.

Anyway I have slapped some cream on so now on to the challenge. The letters for Diane and Carolien's weekly challenge are LZP. Last week I did a four tile ensemble which I loved so I went ahead with another one. Fortunately Diane and Carolien let you know the letters ahead of time so I was able to work on it over the weekend when things were quiet.

Last time I drew U shapes on the four tiles which fitted together to form vague petals. This week I wanted to try fitting Fengles together so that the arms would touch where the tiles meet. I managed to place them quite well, and they do line up, but it was not quite as effective as I had hoped. I imagined them sort of all dancing together in the middle and holding hands.

Anyway I was quite pleased with the overall look of the ensemble, and Fengle is always a pleasing tangle to draw. The other tangles I used were Fireworks, Zenith, Locor, Fandango, Flos, Zinger, Linked, Lilly Pads, Finery, Flux, Florz, Fescu, Luv-a, and Zander.

 All tangles fit this week's alphabet challenge so, as Diane would say, "There you have it" :-)


  1. This set of tiles is beautiful. The white space and touches of colour are very special. I understand your issues with Fengle. I love to use it but it has a mind of its own.

  2. Very nice combination of patterns on your 4 (!) tiles!
    I hope you don't feel much of the pain anymore, wasp stings really hurt :-(( Take Care!

  3. Wow, your ensemble is gorgeous!!!! That are a lot of stings and I DO believe they hurt.

  4. Wow - that is a really wonderful set of tiles! I like the composition and the patterns you chose. Wonderful work :-)

    I hope it doesn't hurt anymore...

  5. I like your Pireworks, Pandango, Pengle, etc. ::)) Beautiful ensemble.

    1. Yes, Susan :) I noticed this too :)

    2. Doh! How did I get into that muddle and not notice it!!!

  6. YT, first let me say that I am so sorry about all those wasp stings!!! Hugs and healing to you!! I love your set of 4 tiles!! So beautiful together ... it works better this way .... (than tightly matched) - lovely, loose and so pretty!! :) :) And fun to be quoted!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy