Sunday 11 October 2015


What a challenge SuzyMosh has set us this week, Printemps!  The tiles I have drawn could not be called pretty in any way lol. I am glad this is the first of my challenges for this week as it means this post will only be my front page for a few hours.

I kept thinking of ways to vary Printemps, but then realised it just turned it into another existing tangle. I thought of making it square, but that is Emingle. My favourite idea was connecting two in an S shape, but then I realised that is almost like Scoodle. I tried to block in circles of it, but that didn't work of course because it is a continuous line not separate circles.

In the end I connected two Printemps with a straight line down the side for my first variation. Secondly, in honour of Bijou I made a snail like Printemps. Usually if I can't make a tile look good I resort to coloured pens, however I was determined not to do that today. The first photo is how it looked when I had finished, warts and all. Fortunately I did have one further thought and that was to try and put the variations into a sort of fan shaped grid. It still isn't pretty but at least it is a little more presentable.


  1. I knew Printemps was going to be a hard one! Nice tiles. Thanks for being part of the TM3 challenge this week!

  2. Hi YT, love these both ... hmmmm I didn't go through the angst you did about using other tangles like Emingle ... hmmmmm ... well mine is done and posted so that is life :) I think both of yours are wonderful!!! I love your little tails!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy