Tuesday 8 December 2015

Joey's Christmas Strings

Woohoo, Joey's Challenge is up, I have been excited to see what it would be and could hardly wait. I woke at 6am Irish time and it wasn't up, but then it appeared at breakfast time (again Irish time).

Christmas Strings, what a good idea and just what I need for Christmas Cards. I have also got my wall half tree up, but it still has to be decorated with baubles so at the moment it has become my Zentangle Tree. More about that later today in my Diva Challenge Blog (sorry Joey if I had known what you had planned I could have posted it here, but it is already written. I will link it later) P.S. [linked here]
How clever it is that Joey can make up several challenges at once and then automate it so it publishes them on the appropriate date. I would think that it probably means Joey has a bit of a challenge too,  because over time I expect she forgets quite which challenge it is this week and when she sees it she can join in with the tile she has drawn.
Here is a close up of my challenge tile:-


  1. Oh my goodness, you're fast! This is so pretty. I love the hanging tree--a great idea. And I see you made the origami ornaments as well. A crafty elf indeed:)

  2. Great tile. Love your half tree. I may need one of those our cat has overturned our 4' tree 3 times already. Yay for plastic ornaments.

  3. A wonderful challenge tile and great choice of colour :-)

  4. Great tile that really fits your tree very well :-)