Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Tangled Tree

Have you seen the lovely Bijouisms and little holiday ornaments coming from the Zentangle® Mothership? Bijou is sending out the instructions each day to accompany the twelve days of Christmas. You can find them on the Zentangle Blog.

The first day was a lovely little sparkly box ornament made out of Bijou tiles and Duck Tape. Day 2 was a trinket for the tree made from tiny framed Bijou tiles hung on ribbons. It was at this point that I realised perhaps something was going to appear each day.

Day 3 brought another way to hang a Zentangle/Bijou tile. This was when I started to catch on and started to have a go myself. This was my take on Day 3 :-
Day 4 was a lovely little What-Knot making use of both Zendala and Bijou tiles. At last I have found a use for the Vermal tangle pattern and used it with the letters that make up Merry and Xmas. Here is the result:-
Which I used on this:-
Adele Bruno has done a post with a step out for a Christmas Ornament and this is my attempt at it:-
Also on the Christmas ornament theme I drew some petals to put around the neck of baubles on the tree like this:-
This is before it was attached:-
Here is a picture of my Tangled Tree so far:-
So on to the Diva's Challenge to use African Artist tangle pattern. I can't seem to make friends with this tangle. I never seem to quite work out the proper place to draw the connecting lines in step 2. My entry this week is a little basic, but I have my excuses ready - I tangled it on my knee!

Fortunately I prepared the Christmassy portion of this post yesterday because all of a sudden I was thrust into the whirlwind of my partner's emergency admission to hospital. I am not going to bore you with the story of long worrying hours in A & E, but I thought "well this is the time to try tangling in hospital waiting rooms like I have heard of in other people's blogs". I have to take my hat off to you all because I don't know how you do it! I had my mini tangling kit in my bag, (pen, pencil, tiles and a little board to rest the tile on). I tangled away on my knee, but I couldn't produce anything as satisfactory as I do at home. It looks like I will be hanging around the hospital quite a lot for a couple of days, so perhaps more practice at tangling on my knee will make perfect.

Anyway I must go so I will leave you with my Diva's tile. See you all soon.


  1. Now imagine an emergency room waiting room without a way to tangle. Shudder. Don't worry about what appears, it's the process that's at least a little helpful in that nerve wracking situation. I've been on both sides of the curtain in emergency rooms. They're actually both pretty grim although, in my experience, the patient side can be improved with drugs. http://www.boomeresque.com/if-you-want-to-make-god-laugh-tell-him-about-your-plans-honolulu-hawaii-edition/ I hope all those little circles you drew helped distract you at least a little bit and I hope your hospital sitting days are finished.

  2. Wonderful Christmas decoration!!!

  3. Love the tangle tree! what a great idea. But I hope your loved one is soon on the mend. Not fun when illness or injury strikes. However, as Suzanne said, thankfully you had your tangling kit with you. I'm sure having that to hand was a calming exercise. And I'm with you...this isn't a favorite of mine because those joining lines never come out right for me either. But you drew a protective circle of tipple around and that says a lot.

  4. Lovely tangled tree! You're Diva tile looks nice as well :-)

  5. I think your tile done on your knee is better than what I produced in the comforts of home with all the usual supplies. I didn't quite get the hang of African Artist.

    Hope all is well soon.

  6. Your African Artist Tangle tile you have drawn on your knees is very pretty.
    Hope for you, all is well soon.

  7. I hope all is well and the ER is behind you both. I was recently there with my husband, and I never want to return. Such awful places. And tangling on the knee is a challenge, especially with this new tangle. I had the same issue as you did with trying to get the cut across line in the right place, but I really like your resulting tile. Also, great job with your Christmas tree!

  8. SO sorry you've had to tangle in hospital. A worrying time and I hope things get better soon. You've done a great job wherever you've been and I really do think that tangling gets us through alot of things that otherwise would be much more stressful. Take care, sending love, Axxx

  9. Remember that the final result is not the purpose of Zentangle. It is the process that counts. I'm glad you had your kit with you and I hope your partner is well soon. I love all the festive things you have created!

  10. I love all of your holiday ornaments and the tree! I hope your partner is feeling better.

  11. Oh, you id so well with the Bijou ornaments! I also like your African Artist tile. Hope your partner will recover soon.

  12. I just kneed to say that your tile kneeds no apoligies, nor does it kneed to be kneaded into anything other than what it already is, which is just down right magkneeficent, kneedless to say. I just wish I would remember to take my kit with me when I'm going to be imprisoned by a wait in some room with no imagination on the walls. Hope all is well with your partner.

  13. Very nice work! I hope your partner is feeling better soon.

  14. YT, your work is lovely - all the little treats. I think you did great tangling in the hospital ... hope it was distracting!! Your African Artist is very nice!! I had a terrible time making it behave :) :) I hope your partner is great very soon!!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy