Tuesday 12 March 2019

Fragment Friday

Friday’s Fragment this week was S3 and the Reticula chosen was C3 from the Zentangle Primer vol.1. At first it was hard to think of any way to tangle it other than the square demonstrated in the challenge. Then I thought I would separate the Fragment from the Reticula for part if it and I ended up with this quite simple tile which looked like the free Friday Fragments falling into the recticular.

Not feeling very satisfied with that, the next day I incorporated the Fragments and Recticular into my Primer Lesson - String Theory - where the excercise was to tangle across the borders and String. I chose the snail string from the bottom right hand side of the selection but I am not sure how effective I was in amalgamating parts of the string. I did however wander over the border as instructed. As the tangle was snail shaped I felt a certain satisfaction from winding Zentangle’s tangle ‘Centipede’ around the tiles drawn in my journal.

I have also revisited Chapter One from the Primer this week and enjoyed tangling this in my journal using several versions of the first four tangles taught in that :- Crescent Moon, Florz, Hollibaugh and Pristemps. It is fun to revert to the basic tangles sometimes. I use them often, but not exclusively as in this version.

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