Tuesday 24 May 2016

Roman Numeal XIV

So here we are at XIV ! Joey did say at the start that she was going to end at XIV, but I don't know if she still means that or if she is going to go further. There is a nice mixture of tangle patterns to choose  from and I decided to stick with just four of them. I did large Bunzos on one side and small Bunzos on the other, along with three variations of Cadent and a triangular rolling Barberpole in the X.

I have more or less run out of tiles and have decided to use my sketch book for the challenges in future. I can draw in the tile, as many others do, and the sketch books are a lot cheaper than the tiles. I will get more tiles, but keep them for special projects.

Here is my Zentangle® for Joey's Challenge this week.


  1. Lovely tile! I like that you used cadent three ways, as cadent is one of my favorite tangles.


  2. Love what you did with the Barber Pole! :)

  3. The triangular rolling pole thing is great! I also love what you did with the Shattuck.

  4. Great tile, I especially like your Barber Pole!

  5. this is lots of fun. Love that barber pole, and so many ways of doing cadent...good work!