Monday 11 April 2016

Roman Numeral VIII

I had a feeling the string this week was going to be tricky - a V and three l's was going to be a lot to fit on a little Zentangle tile! Not only that but Joey has challenged us to use four tangle patterns in it too lol.

I made matters worse in my first tile by making a broad border! Not only that but I did three types of N'Zeppel, a regular version, an irregular positive version and an irregular negative version. I hadn't drawn Marnie before but it was much easier than it looked at first glance. This is my favourite tile of the trio, even if it is a bit busy.
Determined to give myself more room I drew a Zendala for the next one in the trio. I wove Fandangle in and out of the Vlll which gave more room for the other tangles and used a graphite Nzeppel background behind some of it.
For my gold tile there was only room to outline the string in gold, so I added a touch of gold to the centre of Marnie for a touch of extra glamour. I seemed to have much more room on this tile and was able to draw more of the tangles.


  1. I like all three of your tiles, but I think the second one is my favorite. Very clever to have fandango weaving around the others.


  2. I thought that this string might be a challenge, but I love how you have fit the tangles in! I am still amazed that you manage to complete so many challenges in a week! Thanks for sharing your work!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Lovely tiles. I love your Fandango.

  4. All three are beautiful. But my favorit is the second one too.